Monday, 25 February 2013

NEXT STOP: Planet Earth!

Good morning, good day and good evening world!

Welcome to the very first post on our travel blog, Baby's Got Backpack! Now those of you who know us may wonder why we chose a name like "Baby's Got Backpack" for our blog, especially considering that there's not a baby to be found. Well the purpose of this page is to recount our future adventures trekking the globe with baby in tow. You see, parents, friends, and coworkers alike keep telling us that we won't be able to enjoy our favourite pass time once we welcome a little one into our lives. Instead of throwing in the towel, we've decided to  share our experiences going forward. By sharing this with the world, we hope to share our challenges, victories and all-around travel advice as we learn with each subsequent trip no matter how close or how far. Hopefully this blog may help to inspire those new parents who also share our love of travel but are intimidated and overwhelmed with the idea of bringing the little one along with you (and maybe share their own experiences with us as well).

A little about us to begin with: We are Mike and Maja (pronounced Maya), two Canadians living out of the Nation's Capital, Ottawa, Ontario who've been married since the Summer of 2011. One of the primary things we bonded over was our love of travelling and experiencing new cultures. We see travelling as an adventure. We'd much rather take on challenging trips where we can immerse ourselves in new and different surroundings, different from home. We'd prefer our trips to be filled with new food, new history, new architecture, and new people rather than the all inclusive resorts, clubs and beaches (that's not to say we don't enjoy a little of those too!). 

We've decided to start this blog early (read: No Baby Yet) as we will be leaving shortly for Cape Town, South Africa and we felt this would be a perfect place to start blogging! So we encourage you all to watch this space for upcoming posts documenting our next exciting trip, beginning the first week of March, 2013!

Mike & Maja, Koh Samui, Thailand. Honeymoon, December 2011

DISCLAIMER: Since many have asked, no you didnt miss an announcement, Maja is not pregnant! ;)

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