Monday, 18 March 2013

Road Trip: In Pictures

Good morning, good day, good evening world!
Since we were lacking any sort of consistent internet during our road trip, we thought it best to share a separate post of just pictures with you guys. Enjoy!

This soon-to-be-famous ostrich is a midget. Keep an eye out for her new show on TLC, "Little Ostrich, Big World"

Ostrich eggs are so strong they can withstand Mike's weight (I know, it's not really THAT impressive)

Maja practicing her ballet on Monkeyland's suspension bridge

Doggie's protecting the Barkai farm, Toby & Marmite!

South Africa's looping sensation, Jeremy Loops. Sorry Jeremy, you're loops aren't that sensational.

Zebra mama leading her baby to water at the Aquila safari park

Another Mama and baby pair. The mama rhino is on the left and the baby is on the left, but I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that. It's pretty obvious ;)

These are sprinkbok, aren't they just absolutely delicious adorable?

This poor giraffe is the sole one left on the Safari lands. It's kind of sad actually

This elephant nearly ran us off the road. Who do they think they are?!?!?

"Ahoooom! Timamamoowayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" (Hint: Lion King Theme)

Typical African traffic jam.

This cheeky peacock snuck up on all the safari guests, giving them quite a fright. We even caught him peeking though the blinds and looking into our room! A Pea-ping Tom? ;)

Just a giant little putty-tat. Although it's purr sounded about as loud as the fan over our stove.

Crocodiles. I kind of hate them....

You really can't help but be impressed by a male lion.

"'C'mon, you know you just want to take me home with you!"

Leopard's are almost impossible to find out in the wild. They are definitely impressive as well.

The entrance to the Swartberg Pass. You are completely surrounded by the mountains....

...And, as you can see, you eventually reach the top of those very same mountains.

This is the other side of the mountain. It's much more green on this side.

The inside of the main chamber of the Cango Caves. This is the chamber that is over 20 metres tall.

These are some crusty old stalagmites and stalactites that have consummated their love and officially become pillars. 

Hope you guys liked these!

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