Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kyoto In Pictures

Good morning, good day, and good evening world!
We're trying something a little different this time. Since our picture posts seem to be everyone's favourite, and in conjunction with the fact that we are having just way too much fun in Kyoto to spend our evenings writing, we have decided to post yet another picture post for you lovely people!


Mike is searching diligently where to find Kyoto's giant orange Torii in his Lonely Planet Guide book. Where could it possibly be?!?
The impenetrable Nishi Honhan-ji Temple. Seriously, don't even try to break into this place.

Buddhist shrine within the Nishi Honhan-ji. All this gold is the reason for the impenetrable walls
This crane outside the walls of the Nishi Honhan-ji is actually a guard in disguise. See? They take security VERY seriously.
Found in front of a shrine at the Chion-in Temple: The ultra-rare Praying Praying Mantis!
Carefully cultivated sand sculptures inside the Ginkaku-ji Temple. Sadly, minutes after this picture was taken, a bully smashed through this work of art, ruined the sculpture and kicked sand in the eyes of the monks who built it.

Mike and Maja peacefully enjoying the bamboo grove prior to running for their lives from a giant black smoke monster.

"Oh Tintin, you old cad, you!"

Mike absolutely BUTCHERING "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles. And we do mean BUTCHERING! Seriously, be glad you weren't there...

A small but colourful shrine at Chion-in Temple. This is where all the Buddhist clowns go to pray.
Mike admiring the aqueduct at Nanzen-ji Temple. Eat it, Romans.
Posing underneath the aqueduct. Aren't we adorable?
Mike looking unnecessarily stressed-out at the Ginkaku-ji zen garden. Seriously man, relax!
What Maja didn't tell Mike is that she realized the meaning of life during her walk down Kyoto's Path of Philosophy. So selfish!

Mike putting his calligraphy skills to the test at the Okochi Sanso house. Little did they know, Mike practices writing kanji during his spare time back home so this was an absolute breeze. 
The jaw dropping beauty of the Kinkaku-ji Temple. No jokes here, this place was just too gorgeous.
 And you knew this was coming. The moment you've all been waiting for : 

A baby macaque just monkeying around on a warning sign at the Arashiyama Monkey Park.
("Monkeying around" hehehe)

Mike feeding the monkeys from the specially designed feeding cage. Don't worry, it was the humans who were caged, not the monkeys.

This guy was pretty intense. I think he was going through banana withdrawal.

These baby macaques are the best of friends. You can tell because they are hugging it out. 

Even monkeys like to take in the spectacular view of Kyoto from the top of the Arashiyama Park (can you blame them?)

Maja really embraced the Buddhist philosophy of meditation. After a only a few minutes of quiet contemplation, she didn't nag Mike for the rest of the day!

P.S. Still no fish for Mike yet!
P.P.S. No monkey poo on Mike this time either! HOORAY!

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