Friday, 4 October 2013

Tokyo In Pictures

Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station. Google the Hachiko story, it's adorable and worthwhile.

Wandering the stinky Tsujiki Fish Market.

Wandering the beautiful flowers of Rikyu Garden.

Maja enjoying her pre-tea confectionary

Maja welcomes you to the park!

Some adorable Japanese lanterns. PIKACHU!

Super Giant sandals on the wall of the Senso-Ji

Don't worry, that swastika is actually a Buddhist symbol. They aren't racists.

Gorgeous painting on the ceiling of the Senso-Ji

Yup, they've got shawarma's all over the globe and everywhere they are slightly different.

Engraving on one of the grave sites at the Yanaka Cemetary.

Maja's newest outfit

Maja's newest husband.

Elaborately decorated rice barrels in Harajuku

If I were you kid, I'd listen to the man. He's a little intense.

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